What's for lunch

For larger bookings (6 or more) we can create a sharing menu where you dig into dishes and help yourself whether Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, American, Indian, Chinese, Thai or British please contact us to discuss your booking without obligation. 

What's for lunch.

Cortijo Búho is not a restaurant but we invite you to have lunch on the full bird of prey experiences as our way of saying thank you for spending the time with us learning about the birds and animals.


Please be kind and choose one menu for your party as all the food is freshly prepared on the day, if you would like a menu created for your booking then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Spring 2019

Menu 1.

Poulet au Vinaigre - The combination of tomatoes, cream & vinegar may seem odd but it really works with the chicken to create a rich piqaunt dish served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


Sticky toffee pudding and cream.

Menu 2.

Tartiflette - Thinly sliced potatoes, leeks and bacon in a  mixed cheese sauce baked until golden brown served with a mixed green salad and crusty bread.


Fruit fool with whisky oats.

Menu 3.

Tonkatsu - Breaded pork slices served with an aromatic sauce, Asian slaw and rice.


Lemon syllabub.

Menu 4. Vegetarian/vegan.

Caponata - A Scilian dish of aubergines, tomatoes, raisins, capers & pine nuts served with Ciabatta.


Fruit crumble and almond custard.

Menu 5. Vegetarian/vegan.

Black bean chilli (mediu hot) served with advocado, spring onions and rice.


Caramelised citrus fruit served with frozen soya yoghurt.

Soups or salads

We appreciate that not everyone wants to sit down to a hearty two course lunch so we do offer the following as a lighter alternative, specially for those with a smaller apettite.

Menu 6. Vegetarian/vegan.


Garden soup - All fresh from the garden that morning, spring onions, kale, courgettes, carrots & potatoes. A chunky soup and very filling.

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 7.


Mulligatawny - Medium spiced, aromatic soup with lean beef & lentils.

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 8. Vegetarian.


Roasted sweet red pepper and tomato soup.

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 9. Vegetarian/vegan.


Spiced cauliflower and carrot soup with ginger juice & mixed seeds.

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 10.


Spicy chicken and noodle soup asian style.

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 11.


Roast chicken Caesar salad with homemade parmesan dressing. 

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 12. Vegetarian/vegan


Tabbouleh - Quinoa, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, soft herbs and a fresh lemon dressing.

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 13. Vegetarian/vegan


Italian tomato and bread salad - tomatoes, red onions, blackened peppers and hot croutons with a red wine vinegar dressing.

Served with hot crusty bread.

Menu 14.


Niçoise - A classic French dish with potatoes, tuna, spring onions, green beans, hard boiled eggs and green leaves with a homemade dressing.

Served with hot crusty bread.

The soup or salad menus are accompanied by a 'cake of the day' with fresh fruit and served with either cream or soya yoghurt.

Please remember that all members of your party must have the same menu when at all possible, all can be adjusted for vegetarians.