New Arrivals



Sesi came to us in the Spring and his name is Inuit for snow. He's an Alaska Snowy similar to Hedwig the owl in the Harry Potter films. He was hatched in Germany and became part of a private collection and although looked after well he had never been handled and remained in a cage for 4 years.

Within a couple of weeks with us he was on the glove and responding so well to people that he is now more than happy to meet visitors, a calm gentle boy and he will take up his flight training in the Winter so that he can free fly around the garden.


Arriving at just 21 days old Ella spent the first month in the house and instantly made friends with Pixie the Maine Coon kitten, that friendship remains but Pixie is a little wary of her talons now.

Ella is a Tawny owl and although not yet an adult she's learning to fly to the glove and has a lovely relaxed character. During the Winter she will be flight training as it's far too warm for her and Sesi at the moment.


A clown! Fuji is hilarious, she's full of mischief but loves nothing more than being with people.

She's a European Scops, slightly larger than a Little owl and she's into everything she shouldn't be. Her favourite place to be is on your head or being cuddled (photo below is a prime example) we hope she never grows out of it because she's a delight.


Having animals can be a bitter sweet experience, not least with Fluer our female meerkat who protected her babies from a Ladder snake and in doing so lost her life.

Her partner Alessi has the eldest with him and is doing a fantastic job, it's on solids so able to survive with his care and protection.

Florian & Fae are in the house with us as they require bottle feeding and constant company, they love to be played with.        

The photo above is the last taken with Fluer and one of her little ones, she was a very proud mum.


The most entertaining enclosure, there's always something going on and the Guinea Pigs and two rabbits Pumpkin & Burra get along so well.


Coming soon a private collection of 14 tortoises all born in captivity, the owner is returning to the UK and has kindly donated them to us. Looking forward to their arrival in August.